Boats and Marine

Boats and Marine

GSG CARGO as a shipping company is one of the most prominent companies specialized in shipping and transporting boats and marine yachts from the UAE. We have numerous shipping and transport projects for boats and yachts over many years of efficient experience to all cities of the Gulf region through land freight or to different ports of the world through sea freight. Boats and marine yachts, and their transportation and shipment are considered as an important requirement in the United Arab Emirates.

Insurance During Shipping And Transportation:

GSG Service arranges insurance for the boat or yacht during shipping and transportation as follows:Ensuring safe transportation during the shipping process, while taking the appropriate actions through an experienced team that inspects and measures the transportation route and accompanies it on international roads up until the borders Providing full documentation and insurance services during shipment and transportation


Types of Marine Yachts

Mechanism Of Shipping

We provide this service from GSG CARGO from Dubai and the Emirates to all regions of the Arabian Gulf and Middle east through land freight through several methods as follows:

1) Transporting giant yachts and ships: Crane and lowbed trucks are used for this, with proper specifications of more than 20 meters in length

2) Transport of medium-sized yachts: Long trail lowbed truck which are suitable for this purpose with a width if 10 meters & more.

3) Transport of yachts, boats and small boats: short lowbed trucks are available for this


Land freight is a vital component of the logistics industry, providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions for a wide range of cargo. Understanding the land freight process, its advantages, and challenges is crucial for businesses involved in shipping and logistics. By working with experienced carriers and freight brokers, shippers can ensure that their goods are transported safely and efficiently to their intended destinations, contributing to the success of their supply chain operations.

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